Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris: Now a Monthly Magazine

Inspirational stories from the Healing School of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


There are so many inspiring and uplifting stories of people who have been saved by Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris, a healing ministry created by the man of God.

These hordes of people who have journeyed from far and wide are fortunate enough to experience the life changing moment of a supernatural miracle. With a single swipe of healing hand by Pastor Chris himself, these individuals are instantly alleviated from the insufferable pain that has plagued their lives for so long.

Inspirational stories like the miracle healing of Lindo Chukwukere, a nine-month old baby who was suffering from a rare disease called hydrocephalus, a condition in which cerebral fluids accumulate on the brain causing unbearable pain and suffering.

The monthly publication which has just launched its first edition of the year 2019 – the year of Lights is filled with moving stories of people who, in an instant had their lives changed. These people who saw no hope for so long. These people have been told only the worst news by professional doctors. These are individuals who never thought they would walk again, never laugh again, or never feel any sense of joy all completely transformed by the man of God.

A recent healing that took place in Johannesburg South Africa happened to a young woman named Tarryn. Tarryn expressed her terrible ordeal with depression and anxiety. The woman recalled her first experience with depression at 8 years old. She remembers herself as a little girl feeling like something shifted inside of her. Ever since that day, Tarryn has felt in an escapable pain and even contemplated suicide. She visited different psychologists and was placed on anti-depressant drugs for over 15 years. All attempts to find a solution to her condition proved unsuccessful. In dire need of a change, she came to the Healing School and met Pastor Chris. Back to tell her story, Tarryn shared with the ministry the one encounter with the man of God healed her.

There are endless stories just as inspiring as these. In the monthly magazine you can get also get all the news on the mega events and healing seminars, read testimonies and even get tips on how to relieve minor aches and pains. Download your copy now.