Empowering Women Through Education with Christ Embassy

Women’s education is a recognized critical condition for women’s empowerment which will enable them to gain greater access and control over material and knowledge resources in order to improve their lives and challenge the ideologies of discrimination and subordination. We all know that investing in girl’s education is both the morally right and smart thing to do. Only through education can we empower girls to change the world.

Christ Embassy leads the way

Eight hundred women graduated in basic life skills from Christ Embassy Vocational School in Liberia last week.

Former President of Liberia and Africa’s first elected female head of state Ellen Johnson Sirleaf spoke at the event. She is a Nobel Peace Laureate, which is an award that speaks for itself, a leading advocate for democracy, who has affected great change in her native Liberia. Her voice is a shout-out for freedom, and she had sacrificed her personal liberty as part of her struggle to liberate her homeland. Her continual advocacy for universal health care for all makes her a positive role model.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf thanked the Church for doing what the nation longs for, and that is “A longing to take all of our young women and give them a skill, to enable them and empower them to be the one that can stand up on their own, and be self-sufficient and hold a job, and be able to pursue their dreams.”

In her address to the graduates, she said “I want to congratulate you and want to say to you that what you have learned is not the end of the story, it is not the end of your road, it is not the end of your education. You just the first step, now you got to go the other step. Get more education, prepare yourself even more.”

She said the decision taken by the graduates to become professional to learn skills was the best decision they could have ever make in their lives.

Earlier, she thanked the Church’s Pastor for the immense support to the women. Her words of wisdom have meaning for all generations, past, present, and future. During her noble prize acceptance lecture, she said, “History will judge us not by what we say at this moment in time, but by what we do next to lift the lives of our countrymen and women”.

Equality in a sustainable and just world

Equality is not solely a women’s issue, but an issue that is essential for economies and communities to thrive. A gender-equal world can be better-off and more cohesive, preached our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Last year in September, the LoveWorld nation hosted the largest life-changing event for women in the LoveWorld nation-themed ‘Ladies Advance’. The unique event witnessed the inauguration of the LoveWorld Ladies Network, which is the new arm of the ministry aimed at building, raising, and equipping ladies in ministry for Kingdom leadership.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of LoveWorld Inc., in a special message addressed to the members of the conference which marked the birth of the LoveWorld Ladies Network said: “From here, our ladies will take the next steps forward; a glorious future awaits us in serving the Lord and taking His message to the ends of the earth. From here, the relevance and power of the female member of the body of Christ will be demonstrated, manifested, exhibited for God’s glory. I congratulate you on this inaugural conference.” With these special words and all the inspirations received during the conference, LoveWorld ladies began to impact the world for Christ., which will significantly bring about more outreaches in our churches.


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