Dance Challenge To Start The Celebration Of December 7

Today there is an outpouring of thanksgiving for the blessings that Pastor Chris has bestowed upon us. The prayers that come with the daily devotional ‘Rhapsody of Realities’ are always timely. They help us focus on the purpose we have in life and provide clarity and guidance. In praying for others, we are operating on another level.

Pastor asked us to pray ” when you see Christians who are being attacked by the devil in whatever way,” it doesn’t matter “, whether by sin, sickness or lack,” Pastor is clear that it is” it’s part of your priestly ministry to pray for them that their faith doesn’t fail, irrespective of the situation they’re in.”

We need to listen to the right kind of music

The Hit song of the year is one to get your spirits up and put your mind on track

We learn from Samuel 16:23 that when ” the evil spirit from God came on Saul, David would take his harp and play it. The evil spirit would leave Saul and he would begin to feel better.” This tells us we must listen to the right kind of music.

Pastor Chris explains important that” you listen to God’s kind of music, listen to the one that will bless you, lift your spirits bring you inspiration.”  Pastor Chris has assembled some of the best gospel musicians in the world. They make music that,” is the right music it’s not just it’s not only the lyrics sometimes it’s got to be the right song for the moment.” There is a diverse set of musicians that bring the “power of the spirit into your life in the music that brings the inspiration of God into your life.”

From the LoveWorld Ministry of Arts and Music (LMAM) we are blessed with all sorts of musical ministrations. There are artists who provide wholesome lyrics and godly tunes that fill your soul with joy. These artists are guided so their music edifies worship and daily living. It can reach out in ways that are poignant.

Uber talented Testimony Jaga provides tunes for all ministrations

With that in mind, there are songs for the celebration. The December 7th  Dance Challenge has been issued. It is your chance to celebrate our beloved Man of God, Pastor Chris with your own dance party.

Here’s what to do:-

  1. Download the birthday version of “Gbebodye” by Testimony Jaga   and  “Joy Overflow” by Joe Praize
  2. Record your dance and a special greeting to our dear Man of God Pastor Chris
  3. Post it on Kingschat with the hashtags:- #december7dancechallenge #myspecialblessingfromGod #yourzone #yourcountry
  4. Challenge ten others to dance in honor of our Pastor.
  5. Like and share the other posts that you see.

Now we are part of a birthday celebration that is ” is hotter than fire.”  We thank Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for all he has done for us, for his guidance, blessings, and teachings.

A prayer for today and always

“Precious Father, I thank you for the privilege to stand in the gap for Christians whose faith may be under attack today; their faith prevails, as they’re strengthened with might by your Spirit in their inner man to remain steadfast and immoveable, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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