#CommunitySunday: Service in Progress – Community Service in Ladysmith

Community service in Ladysmith (KZN South Africa) in commemoration of the BLW Say of Service.

Members of ISM Ladysmith Cell, South Africa, led by the Senior Pastor of God Kingdom World Church and ISM Cell leader, Pastor Canaan Zamo Majola, cleaned up the environment of Kidzone Care Centre in honour of our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The Directors of the Centre, Elaine and Drikus enthused about the visit, “In these days, people sell their services. We are surprised that there are still people on earth who can offer to help others for free. The teachings of your pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, are very inspiring. Thank you so much for your assistance and a very happy birthday to Pastor Chris!”

It’s overwhelming so see how dedicated these young women and men are to contributing to their community, all in the name of Jesus. This is really the essence of Christianity and the idea of having church in your community. Church is about helping others in the name of the Lord.

The BLW community hopes this day was successful and that those were unable to participate in this year’s event will get inspired by these testimonies and stories and will join in the following year. Furthermore, we hope that all witnesses to these great acts of charity will help share and spread the message of the BLW Day of Service on every outlet online.

God bless!

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