#CommunitySunday – Pastor Chris Saves Countless Children through the BLW Organization

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Christian philanthropist at his core. He understands something about Christianity and Christ himself that many miss. Jesus is about love for others, giving to those less fortunate than yourself, while praising the Lord through those actions. Our faith is void of substance if we keep it to ourselves. We must spread His Word through our actions.

Some describe Rev. Chris as a “corporate religious citizen”, and I personally cannot find a better way to describe this great man. He is the leader and Pastor of the Christ Embassy Church, which among many other philanthropic activities, devotes its time and resources to helping impoverished children.

The Inner City Mission School, founded by Believers Love World International (BLW), also known as Christ Embassy, is run and funded by the man of God Chris Oyakhilome. The school is located in Oregun, Lagos (Nigeria) and has been up and running for more than five years with little publicity. Even members of the church were unaware of this mission, few were exposed to this great act of charity up until now. This perceived secrecy is due to Pastor Chris’s reluctancy to boast about his accomplishments, he’d rather spend his time focusing on the actual missionary work.

The school targets underprivileged pupils that would otherwise be unable to handle the regular cost of schooling. The school provides all the advantages of a private school that would otherwise be out of the reach of these kids. It is, of course, a government-approved institution that accepts more and more students every year. There are different scholarships and extracurricular events that are aimed to better the future life of these children.

What an amazing initiative! God bless the souls of those that dedicate their lives’ to Jesus through helping other and not just focusing on enriching themselves.

This article originated from Independent.

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