#CommunitySunday – LoveWorld News Indorses Helping the Homeless, be more like Jesus

In a recent episode of LoveWorld News with Holly McClure on the LoveWorld USA TV channel, there was a special segment on the way Denver helps its homeless find sustainable jobs. As Christians, one of our core values is to help those in need and not stand by as they suffer. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome regularly preaches about this concept and how if we want to be like Christ we must act according to His message. Watch the whole news episode in the link below the article.

Have you seen homeless people in your neighborhood or city and wondered: is there a way that they could escape that life and start something new? The Denver Day Work program is showing how biblical principles can be used to rehabilitate homeless into the workforce.

Crystal (Denver Day Works participant): “If you’re willing and able to better yourself and get up and do something instead of sitting and just being stuck, Denver Day Works is there, they will help you with anything. They got me through some tough situations when we didn’t have anything they were there for us”.

Scott (Denver Day Works participant): “The biggest thing they’ve done for me is to build my moral, to give me hope for the future and I think a lot of other people will experience the same thing if they’re in my position”.

Regina (Denver Day Works participant): “I would have to say it’s better late than never to get my life together. I feel very privileged for this [opportunity], I can’t say that enough”.

The program exceeded its goals and will expand in 2018, with the success in Denver, hopefully, we’ll see other cities embracing this program.

God bless them!


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