#CommunitySunday: LoveWorld Celebrates Nigerian Children’s Day

The LoveWorld community, also known as the Christ Embassy church, places children and their wellbeing at the center of the charity work they do. A church is a place of gathering for families, creating a community of believers striving to do the Lord’s Word. Thus it is important to harness Christ’s values into the minds of the young generation so that they can grow up to be productive, faithful, and close to the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus believed in helping all those in need, even children that are not born into Christian homes. Evangelicals strongly hold the idea that any soul can be saved so long as they have the will, open heart, to God and are shown the ways of Jesus.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him” (Psalm 127:3)

LoveWorld Kiddies proclaimed on KingsChat:

“Plan to go to church with not only your kids but with the children of neighbors and friends too. Loads of fun awaits them in church and they will also receive gifts containing inspiring Kiddies LoveWorld materials which will impact their Spirit. To ensure the kids have a happy children’s day”.

The InnerCity Mission that places children first in its mission to help fight poverty sent out a warm message as well for the occasion:

InnerCity Mission (Children's Day)
InnerCity Mission (Children’s Day)

“The future and safety of our Children not just in Nigeria but around the world should be of utmost priority and non-negotiable. Help indigent children through your partnership with the InnerCity Mission for Children”.

It is indeed glorious that this year’s Nigerian Children’s day falls on Sunday, the day Christians all over the world come to pray to the Lord and savior. Please take this opportunity to spread the love we learn from Christ and donate to a charity that supports kids in need. Children are the most vulnerable when exposed to poverty and are the future of this world. The Nigerian nation and all Evangelicals that care about the lives of children need to take action. This action can be done in your church and communities or online with a personal donation. Any effort to help children in need is a path to salvation.

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