#CommunitySunday – Future African Leader Ambassador Featured in an NPR Article  

James Okina, a Future African Leader ambassador and founder of the non-governmental Street Priests Inc. was featured this week in an NPR (National Public Radio, US) article. The NGO tackles the societal challenges of kids at risk and in its years of operation managed to keep taken hundreds of kids off the streets, showing clear success.

James Okina is a Nigerian native from the city of Calabar a city notorious for its record of children living on the treats. He witnessed the dire situation growing up and decided he needed to do something about the situation.

Okina started the organization from scratch, as the NPR article describes:

“I started from nothing,” he [Okina] now reflects. “Everything came from my pocket money. Then later my friends, who now make up my core team members, joined in and it was as though we were all born into this.”

To read all about this amazing individual and true African leader read the article:


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A must read.

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