#Community Sunday: LoveWorld Children’s Ministry on an Evangelical Outreach Mission

The Christ Embassy Church aims to create outreach programs all across the globe, and specifically in struggling areas in the content of Africa. LoveWorld Children’s Ministry is one of the many programs and organizations Pastor Chris founded to help spread the word of God to all those open to Jesus. Philanthropy is a central part of being a Christian, and Chris Oyakhilome steps up gracefully to that challenge.

Easter weekend was a great opportunity to do the Lord’s work and expose children to the faith of God. The focus this week was in different Christ Embassy zones in Nigeria, from Port Harcourt to Aba and around the country.

In Aba:

The church stationed preachers to expose the audience to Christ and bring them to understand the essence of the Easter holiday. Making it about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ; all done for us to be here and saved. The volunteers led many newcomers to Christ, and most of them will be in church on Sunday for service.

In Port Harcourt:

There was an outstanding initiative from the local church to operate an ongoing math and music club for the children in the community. This helps motivate and cultivate cultural advancement with those who otherwise would not be able to afford such extracurricular activity. Furthermore, it makes sure these kids of God do well at school and can elevate themselves out of poverty.

Additionally, as part of the outreach program, the zone distributed copies of Kiddies Rhapsody of Realities during the school outreach. The book will be of use to the young children and act as a supplement to their regular schooling. Kids accept Jesus as their Lord most naturally, that is why it’s so vital to expose them to the truth as early as possible.

What a wonderful initiative! God bless those who do the work of God with those in most need. Pray that these small souls will be influenced by the word of Christ and spread His love eternity.

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