Christmas is Coming!

“Remember, you are the reason for the season” - Pastor Chris -


Christmas is just around the corner and the amazing spirit of the holiday can be felt in every corner of our lives. It’s a time to gather around with the family and celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ. We all aspire to live our life according to His word and Christmas is a great occasion to lift our spirits and come closer to God.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is giving. It is an essential part of Christianity and a core value of the Christ Embassy community. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome constantly preaches the importance of this value and how the more we give the more we will receive, double and triple what we originally invested. Just as we recently participated in the BLW International Day of Service and demonstrated the force of giving, thus we should do the same this year when celebrating Christ.

While you’re still making the finishing plans for this coming Sunday, keep in mind the true essence of the holiday is spiritual and not material. Go to church, actively participate in the coming Sunday service, and demonstrate vocally your love for Christ and the community of your local denomination.

This year, Pastor Chris will be holding his annual Christmas service in Lagos, Nigeria. If you are unable to attend, don’t be disappointed! It will be streaming live so that his Gospel can reach all corners of the earth. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity no matter where you are in the world. Save the link now:

There are many other ways to celebrate this wonderful and merry holiday you can:

  • Read the Christmas story in the Bible and Rhapsody of Realities
  • Volunteer and help the needy
  • Spend time with your family
  • Go Christmas carolling
  • Go to church and participate in Sunday service

A small taste from last years’ service:

During the Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris, the man of God taught on the person of Jesus, posing the paramount question, “who is Jesus?” The first point in this refreshing exposé was that the Lord Jesus is the Word incarnate!

“When it came to God’s thoughts and views and opinions and ideas and His will to be personified, the result was the man — Jesus,” the Pastor explained. The congregation listened, awe-struck and inspired, by the greatness of God’s love being made manifest in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Be stirred to walk in the light of God’s thoughts and views concerning you as expressed in the vicarious death of Christ on this Christmas day.

Take this message on to the coming year’s Christmas and find your way to be closer to the Lord!

Remember to be active and vocal about this holiday, bring your friends closer to Jesus so that they too can be saved by His grace. For some inspiration here are some brilliant quotes of our man of God from this past Loveworld staff awards:

“Don’t just be a team that works together, be a team that prays together!”

“2018, it’s all green… Declare always that Christ is my wisdom. I’m wise with the wisdom of God. The wisdom of God at work in me. Divine excellence is at work in me!”

“Take Church attendance as a priority. It is very easy for people who love the Lord to become careless and casual with spiritual things. Are you still reading the Bible? Do you take Church attendance seriously…be careful of leaving spiritual things as if they are not important.”

“Remain passionate! David said, my heart is after your house always. Let the house of God be your place of joy. Make it so!”

“Train yourself, train yourself to be in the house of God.”

Halleluiah! And God bless!

Get excited this holiday and share your experiences with the hashtag: #ChristmasEvewithPastorChris

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