Christ Embassy Reaches Hawaii!


Praise the Lord, Christ Embassy Church is expanding more and more throughout the year of the Supernatural. It is miraculous how far the Word of God has spread. The church is now all over the USA including Hawaii. The Hawaii cell has a wonderful website with all the information needed to get close to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The wonderful website has information about Rhapsody of Realities in English and many more languages. They managed to translate the daily Rhapsody to Tongan, Samoan, Filipino: Tagalog, and Cantonese. This is an indicator of the fast-paced translation the book is receiving, proving the vast demand for the message it spreads.

Additionally, the website has its very own TeeVo section, targeting teenagers, meeting their faith needs. TeeVo makes sure teenager have a place to keep on top of fashion, reviews, and Pastor Chris sermons in one place.

There is also great material for young kids and children teaching them the importance of faith and the Bible.

It’s great to see how each Sunday sermon from church is uploaded to the website, spreading His word across the globe for everyone to enjoy His Glory. All events of the local ministry are placed on the website for any believer in the area to join.