Celebrations at the LoveWorld Awards 2020

There was excitement and joy at the imperial LoveWorld Awards at the International Pastors and Partners Conference (IPPC) 2020 on Saturday, November 21, 2020. The beautifully decorated LoveWorld Crusade Grounds witnessed historic moments as partners, together with the Man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome in facilitating the global spread of the gospel were honored for their notable exploits for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the year 2020.

The President of LoveWorld Inc., Pastor Chris Oyakhilome commended the various LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry (LMAM) stars for their hard work in producing classic tunes to enrich fellowship with the Lord and for their creative and melodious contributions towards the spread of the Gospel around the world.

Sheer delight as LoveWorld Awards kicks off on the first day of IPPC 2020

IPPC was characterized by sporadic moments of exuberant celebrations. Prior to the grand finale of the LoveWorld Awards on the sixth day of the conference, intermittent awards segments hosted at the prestigious LoveWorld Champions Arena from day one of the conference were witnessed. Various Christ Embassy regions, zones, churches, Pastors, and partners were acknowledged for their commitment to the sponsorship of the Gospel, in spite of the daunting challenges that occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

It was a reflection of joy and celebrations as the different winners paraded their various awards in the LoveWorld Champions Arena each day. It has indeed been the ‘Year of Perfection‘ for all Pastors and partners with Pastor Chris. They all expressed profound gratitude to the LoveWorld President for the opportunity to be relevant in the spread of the Gospel all around the world.

Congratulations to all the  LMAM stars who made the Best Songs of 2020 list

2020 recorded several quintessential melodies from different music ministers in the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry. Among these songs which reverberated around the world, are a handful that made the list and were recognized as the Best Songs of the Year 2020. The following timeless tracks populated the Best Songs of 2020 list: ‘I rejoice’ by Chookar, which also claimed the worship song of the year spot; ‘Able God’ by Sophiya which also earned the Hit song of the year recognition; ‘People in Prison’ by gospel rap act, Tru South which also won the theme song of the year 2020; ‘All my Worship’ by renown global Gospel music icon, Eben who also emerged as a songwriter of the year; and ‘You I live for’ by Moses Bliss which was crowned the overall song of the year.

The list also comprised ‘Why’ by Deacon Buchi; ‘Mighty War’ by Frank Edwards; ‘Good to me’ by Israel Strong; ‘God Alone’ by prolific singer Joe Praize; ‘I lift my Hands’ by renown songwriter Sinach; ‘Forever’ by Eben; ‘Isaiah 9 Verse 6’ by Martin PK; ‘Kings Don’t Beg’ by Israel Strong; ‘Grace from the Heavenlies’ by Rita Soul; ‘So Graced’ by Rozey; ‘Saving Power’ by Divine; ‘Flying High’ by Rita Soul; ‘Jesus’ by Chris Shalom; ‘Blessed & Favored’ by CSO ft. Agent Snypa; ‘Jesus’ by Gospel fuji artiste, Testimony Jaga; ‘My Hallelujah’ by Jahdiel; ‘He is Alive’ by Eben; ‘We’ve Overcome’ by the UK Band; ‘I rejoice’ by Onos and ‘You are the Greatest’ by Sophiya, who celebrated the female vocalist of the year.

Gospel rap act, Tru South, wins the Theme Song of the Year with his classic ‘People in Prison’ tune

Timely gospel rap, ‘People in Prison’ by LMAM star, Tru South, a dedicated member of the Rap Nation crew, claimed the Theme Song of the Year at the prestigious LIMA Awards 2020.

With the turbulent global crisis that ensued within the year, Tru South’s ‘People in Prison’ which rightfully calculated God’s thoughts into a classic melody, revealing the evil intentions of mischievous groups around the world, deservedly earned the Theme Song of the Year spot in the LoveWorld nation.

Global Gospel music icon, Eben, wins the prestigious Male Vocalist of the Year award again

Global Gospel music icon, Eben, won the Male Vocalist of the Year award at the LIMA Awards 2020. His symphonic voice which is celebrated globally as he leads in various worship and praise sessions has earned him this most coveted award, which he celebrated in style having won it for the second consecutive year.

Sophiya claims the coveted Female Vocalist & Hit Song of the Year award at the prestigious LIMA Awards

Exceptional Gospel music act, Sophiya with the sonorous voice, received the Female Vocalist of the Year honor at the LIMA Awards 2020. Sophiya burst into palpable celebrations at the announcement of the winner of the award, which her undeniably melodious voice earned her from a robust list of nominees.

LMAM star, Sophiya, celebrated a superlative win on Sunday, November 22, 2020, as she emerged the artiste of the year at the LIMA Awards 2020. Featuring in almost all the worship and praise segments of the ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris’ that took airwaves for most of the year, as well as other programs, the delectable singer and songwriter, who also produced several classic tunes during the year, deservedly earned the Artiste of the Year spot.

Sophiya’s ‘Able God’, which featured in the Best Songs of 2020, beats ‘God Alone’ by Joe Praize and ‘Good to me’ by Israel Strong to emerge the Hit Song of the Year at the LIMA Awards 2020. The classic record was on the lips of myriads of people as it reverberated around the world at its release. It was a historic moment as Sophiya recorded her first win in this category of awards and with gratitude to God and the Man of God, she celebrated her victory.

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