Celebrating the 2017 FALA Winners

The Future Africa Leaders’ Foundation (FALF) ambassadors gathered together earlier this month for the FALA Cocktail and Reception Red Carpet celebrating their outstanding contribution to the continent. These young women and men are truly worthy of their celebration. They accomplished so much in their communities at such a young age, and for that worthy of the prestigious FALA prize.

One of the outstanding winners of the 2017 FALF award is Brenda Mwale from Malawi. Mwale is an impactful 23 years old phenomenal and inspiring youth leader that made a real change in her surrounding environment.

Brenda Mwale accomplishments

Mwale is involved in varies community building projects. Once she identifies the needs of each her community, she decided to embark on several projects to inspire and empower the youth.

She started a farming project to raise funds and assist underprivileged children, helping fund their school fees as well as basic upbringing financial needs. This in addition to her success at sending 87 drop-out students back to school.

She takes out time of her busy schedule to personally tutor primary and secondary students that cannot afford paid tutored classes.

Apart from helping children with their school work, she also teaches them about positive attitudes towards life, gives them computer lessons, and personal hygiene. She currently has 57 students in her class.

In partnership with a private company, she organized a cleaning day for her community with over 300 youths in attendance. This inspired other members of the community as well as street vendors to create a weekly flea market to help clean the community.

This is just a small portion of her outstanding accomplishments

Brenda is truly someone to look up to, she inspired socio-economic development in her community, helping change the mindset of its population.

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