CeFlix is Now Airing Real Men Real Style – Don’t Miss Out!

CeFlix is your place to tune in on all videos from every topic you can imagine. It filters out all the unwanted profanity you may encounter on other video streaming platforms, making sure you can watch any content with no worry. Just like KingsChat, CeFlix is a platform for Christians associated and not with the Christ Embassy church, targeted at the faith-based community that seeks to expand their horizons and learn new things every day.

A great show to watch on CeFlix is RMRS (Real Men Real Style). The series uploads videos that help men maintain an elegant and cool style for the modern man. The content is straightforward and gives simple tips to execute the advice given in each video.

The most recent episode discusses men fashion advice, giving ten useful tips to upgrade your style and wardrobe.


Congratulations! You just graduated college, maybe high school, maybe grad school, maybe you’re leaving the military. In any case, you’re a young man looking to make an impact on the world. You’re looking at all this fashion and image and style stuff, and you’re asking does it really matter? What do I need to know? What’s important?

Ten tips on how you can use fashion and style to get what you want out of life:

  1. Have confidence, believe yourself
  2. Image and presentation is more important than you were taught
  3. “Fit is king” – if it doesn’t fir you don’t buy it
  4. Ignore fashion trends – instead look at classic men’s style
  5. Take care of your clothing
  6. Own a quality suit that fits you well
  7. Quality over quantity
  8. Get rid of the rundown clothing
  9. Level up your footwear
  10. Throw out the t-shirt and the hoodies

Use clothing as a tool to get what you want out of life.

Watch the entire episode on CeFlix or through the link below:



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