Bringing in a New Month With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris

The new Phase 2 of Season 3 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris’ will be taking place at the beginning of the new month from Monday 1st to Friday 5th March 2021, so get set to enjoy 5 days of fresh, straight from the throne room revelations of God’s Word as we; prepare our hearts to serve the Lord, make preparations for the house of God, prepare with the Gospel and prepare to meet God. Join billions around the world in this special time of Blessings, Inspiration, and the Miraculous for the ‘Year of Preparation‘.

During the last ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’, Season 3, Phase 1 with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny, our Man of God said during the live streaming, “The less of your humanity consciousness and more of your divinity consciousness you possess, the better you’re growing in Christ; that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 

“This year has been planned especially by God and planned for us. For our success. For our victory. For our testimony. And to the word. We will walk in absolute victory,” Chris Oyakhilome added.

Consequent to the global events and devastation witnessed in the nations of the world last year, 2020, the ‘Year of Perfection‘, many looked for answers in a bid to expel the fear that has ravaged the entire world, with the COVID-19 pandemic. Pastor Chris reassured participants around the globe that “the global crises in the world today, gives us the opportunity to put the Word of God we’ve been learning into practice.”

Following the enormous popularity of ‘Your LoveWorld’ prayer weeks, which started on the 27th of March, after Pastor Chris hosted the  Global Prayer Day against the Coronavirus, the praying and fasting were successfully extended every week where Pastor Chris demonstrated the importance of praying all together in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer helps us to fight with the darkness of the world and elevate us to a higher level in God. The special ‘Your LoveWorld’ live broadcast with Pastor Chris dominated the airwaves for weeks last year and brought great comfort and understanding of God’s Word and untold blessings to billions of viewers from around the world.

On ‘Your LoveWorld Specials’, the man of God, Pastor Chris, continued to unveil faith-building truths from God’s Word, granting participants boldness and courage to take charge and live above fear in these perilous times.

”The only Christian that ever gets defeated is the Christian that is not living in the Word and to live in the Word is to live the Word,” he said. ”God wants you to take His Word and march on from success to success, from victory to victory. He gives you the grace to accomplish His purpose for your life”

March Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris

Get ready to join Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and receive from the Spirit words of counsel, direction, guidance, and inspiration that will propel you for extraordinary accomplishments in the month of March and beyond at the March Global Communion Service on Sunday 7th March 2021.

As we prepare to welcome a new month, we bid farewell to the ‘Month of Grace’ which Pastor Chris described as:

“This month of February is the Month of Grace, and what the Lord is saying to us about this month is that more grace is being released. He gives more grace. I have shared with you before… There are those who think they need a double anointing, there are those who think they need more anointing. There is no place in the world of God in the scriptures that talks about more anointing. You do not get more anointing. What God gives is more grace.”

 Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris

As we draw closer and closer to the time of the Rapture of the Church, necessity is laid on us to ensure that the knowledge of the Glory of God covers the whole earth as the waters cover the sea. Through our prayer, we are speeding up the furtherance of the Gospel in all nations of the world. Join Pastor Chris at the Global Day of Prayer on the 26th till the 27th of March, 2021 as we make changes all around the world.

”The greatest part of prayer is not in the prayer itself but the answer. It is God’s response that matters” – Pastor Chris. The ‘Global Day of Prayer’ provided the perfect opportunity for the saints to fulfill their intercessory ministry.

Previous phases of this special prayer program have already yielded tremendous results, against the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. People from all over the world have attested to miracles in their personal health conditions, families, the economy of their nations as well as an upward surge in their walk in Christ, all of which are consequent on the earlier editions of the Global Day of Prayer. It is as the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said, ‘We are ushering in a new world order through our prayers’. We need to unite in the power of prayer to effect change around the world.

During the fourth and final edition of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris‘ for ‘Year of Perfection‘ which took place on the 1st of December 2020, Pastor Chris delivered a powerful message, saying: “This is war, and the earlier you realize it, the better. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds for the destruction of fortresses. There are fortresses that have been set up in this world, from which Satan launches his attack on the nations and on God’s people. We have a fight to fight. Yes, prophetic words have gone ahead of us, but there’s the prophetic, and there’s the war.”

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