Birthday Greetings From The Pure Minds Of LoveWorld’s Children’s’ Ministry.

What a glorious day. This is a day of celebration. Today we wish our dear Man of God, Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome a Happy Birthday. Last year he received over a million messages on FaceBook wishing him Happy Birthday. There were many messages on KingsChat and Twitter too but it is the greetings from the children that are the most heartwarming.

Children from all across the world are impacted by Pastor Chris. The LoveWorld Children’s Ministry is a place where souls are nurtured with the care of a loving father. The children joyously came out to celebrate their superhero, Rev Chris Oyakhilome on December 7th.

Happy Birthday Pastor Chris

They celebrate the super-super star who never ceases to pray for his children all over the world. They love and appreciate him for raising’ us to become giants.” Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD. Happy birthday our rare gem.

Listen to Ariane from Crist Embassy Church Porto Novo Benin Republic. She sang a Happy Birthday Song to our Dad and Global luminary.

Ariane- a future LIMA winner?

The singing in praise of Pastor Chris is pure.

The messages come from the true spirit.

The celebrations  and greetings for the birthday of Pastor Chris are uplifting and bountiful.


Some greetings are individual and some in a group

Bolaji’s Happy Birthday greeting was so sweet

Bolaji Olamidotun from CE Bayelsa blew kisses and hopped with joy as he delivered his birthday greetings.

Perfect greetings

in Christ Embassy, Ethiopia one child said “you have given my life meaning, thank you for all you have done for me and your teachings. I have experienced so much and changed because of you.”

Another said, “Thank you for how much you’ve changed the world and the lives you’ve changed.” These children know more than there tender years imply.


This trio will go far

Josiah, Jocabed, and Jazaaniah from CE Bayelsa Pastor Chris gave a sweet presentation about the man who,” is our father, our teacher, our guide he prays for us and blesses us. Our future is bright and secure because you pray for us you always have us in mind and gave us the Loveworls children’s ministry to train us in the ways of the lord. We think speak and act right. We are the leaders of tomorrow. We are the generation next. You carry us on your bosom- We love you, Daddy.”



We enjoyed the Happy Birthday video in French from Senegal.

Joyeux Anniversaire from Senegal

The children From Christ Embassy Worcester South Africa said: “Thank you for Rhapsody  of Realities.” “Thank you, Pastor, for praying for us, for believing in us, for teaching us, for loving us,” say the pure souls of Christ Embassy Stellenbosch South Africa.

Children from all over the world including the USA said Happy Birthday my superstar we celebrate your life for all you’ve done for us.

Global greeting, Global joy on Pastor Chris’s Birthday

Children from many different Childrens Churches in Nigeria and performed many different songs and spoken word greetings.

Amazing performances in honour of our beloved Daddy

“You are the world’s light shining for the world to see through you many have received salvation.” Pastor Chris will be delighted to hear that, “I am well behaved and polite to everyone because of what you taught me. I have an excellent character.” This is what every father wants for his children.

Out of the mouths of children come real truth

Happy Birthday to the most beloved father Pastor Chris from your adoring global children and family. Catch up with the fun on KingsChat. Get involved with the birthday celebrations online.

Happy Birthday Pastor Chris

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