Be Spiritually Minded with Pastor Chris

Yesterday saw the launch of the new phase of season 3 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special with Pastor Chris’, Phase 2. This is set to be a 5-day extraordinary ride with our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The daily broadcast will be screened live on all LoveWorld Network stations, Live TV and CeFlix Apps, and on all Ministry Online Platforms and Apps.

Day 1, Phase 2, Season 3

Pastor Chris emphasized the need for God’s children to be spiritually minded at the opening session of Your LoveWorld Specials’.

He imparted important views when he said that “Jesus was spiritual, Jesus was spiritually minded, God’s children must be spiritual and be spiritually minded! That’s why if they had been, they would have known what was behind COVID-19. But many were not listening to God or studying the scriptures and so they had no spiritual understanding”. He compared the COVID-19 pandemic to the early 1900’s pandemic which our Man of God proclaims was also a fraud. He went on to explain the importance of a child of God to understand scriptures because if you don’t understand the scriptures you will be disadvantaged.

Pastor Chris introduced ’the Mission and Purpose of the Church’ as the focus of this 5-day live broadcast. He emphasized that if you don’t know the truth, you’ll accept anything. You’ve got to be spiritually minded. Being Spiritually minded is important. You’ll be able to find out what’s behind the problem. Prayer isn’t man’s idea, it’s God’s. He asked us to pray because He intends to answer. He went on to say that you’ve got to understand symbolisms, and if you don’t give attention to prophecies, important revelations will manifest before your eyes, without you taking notice. He also said that if you know the truth and keep quiet, you have given the license to lies to thrive, and many will be misled as a result. The symbolic representation of mysteries in the scriptures has a deeper meaning than what they represent on the surface. “Don’t be misled, the carrying of the arch of Baal from Babylon to London isn’t merely an act of historical preservation. It’s a spiritual statement by the cults behind it that they are ready for Babylon”.

Pastor Chris implored the global audience to study the scriptures, saying that if you don’t study the scriptures, you won’t be able to tell the truth.

“Unknowingly your ignorance will submit you to accept whatever you are told. It’s only those who have the name of Jesus, that can resist the evil in the world today. That’s why we have to pray. The idea of satan is to merge good and evil so that those who are ignorant of the scriptures can’t tell the difference. The only way you can fall prey is to be ignorant of the scriptures. If you’re carrying out ministry without a focus on the mission, without a consciousness of the mission, you may be enjoying it but you’re going nowhere. It’s not worthwhile. Many have been so carried away by all the distractions in the process that they have lost sight of the destination. Many ministries have lost their purpose this way. Some even go to work without any purpose. Don’t be carried away by the attractions and distractions; set your mind on the objective. This world is a process to a destination called eternity, don’t lose sight of what really matters”.

The Importance of Prayer

”God’s Word is absolute and practicable; no speculations, no assumptions, no conjectures” He continued saying ”Have no fear of man because you can do anything by the power of the Holy Ghost!” The Man of God also said: ”Many don’t walk in the revelation of the Word of God that has been granted them because of so many distractions in the world.” Adding that: ”you must first bury God’s Word in your consciousness to the point you live it out unconsciously.”

”When you were born again you received eternal life if you don’t recognize the reality of eternal life; if you don’t recognize that you have actually received eternal life, you cannot live it.” Explained Pastor Chris Oyakhilome on the last day of Phase 1 of Season 3 which ended in January this year.

Pastor Chris ended the final day with a message saying: “This year has been planned especially by God and planned for us. For our success. For our victory. For our testimony. And to the word. We will walk in absolute victory.”

“As Christians, we’re all in the ministry of reconciliation; we’re called to win souls. As soul winners, there’re certain requirements necessary for an effective ministry in leading men to Christ. Arm yourself with these truths as you go about your soul-winning work, and you’ll be a more effective minister of reconciliation.”

Don’t miss the second day of the 5-day second phase of season 3 tonight, receive and spread the Word from our dear Man of God. If you missed last night’s broadcast, you catch up below.

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