Baby Lindo Healed with the Help of Pastor Chris and the Healing School

Precious Khumalo from Johannesburg, South Africa shares her Healing School miracle that changed her baby daughter’s life.

She Was Crying All the Time

She recalls the day she understood that something was truly wrong. “My daughter was born fine, but after 3 months I saw that she was just crying all time, I took to her the hospital. The following day they found what the problem was, it was water in the head, they took her to Steve Biko Hospital [to be operated on].
Precious, baby Lindo’s mother was told that even after an operation, her daughter would never walk again. The news devastated Mrs Khumalo who, has a single mother was extremely worried how she was going to support her sick daughter.
“I was crying and crying, [wondering] what I am going to do as a single mother, because I am supposed to work, who is going to take care of my daughter?”

Precious Khumalo
Precious Khumalo
The Man of God Was on His Way

It was at that moment when Precious’s neighbor, Pastor Nkosinati Masinga saw her suffering. He had been witnessing her suffering from the numerous hospital trips for baby Lindo.
“During the time this was happening, I had not seen a child diagnosed with such [a disease], it was quite disturbing, I was just so concerned with what’s going to happen next”
Pastor Nkosinati Masinga told Precious about the Healing School. He told her that Pastor Chris was going to be arriving to Randburg, Johannesburg that coming March. Precious, having heard so many stories, rejoiced from the news. “I was ready for the man of God to come.”

Pastor Nkosinati Masinga
Pastor Nkosinati Masinga
A Healing Miracle

“That morning when I got to the healing school, I held my daughter and a letter praying”. Precious described the joyous moment she felt when the man of God approached her and how much joy she felt in her heart. “I didn’t see where I fell down, I didn’t see where my daughter was, when I woke up I saw an assistant holing my daughter.”
Precious left the Healing School with so much joy and hope. She discovered a few months later the amazing results.

Lindo healed and happy
Lindo healed and happy
“After I got back from the healing school, a big miracle happened to my daughter. I will never forget the day, I heard my daughter crying, I was at the back of the house, when I got there, my daughter was on the floor”

Precious could not believe her eyes. She called her friends to come see what Lindo was doing. Her daughter was crawling towards her “she wanted to come back to me, my daughter started to sit and then she stood”. Just a few months before Healing school, Precious was told that her baby would never walk again from her condition. The fact that Lindo is running and playing like other children, is a true testament to the greatness of Pastor Chris, the man of God and his healing powers. “I saw that miracles were happening to other people and now this is happening in my house”.

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