Back-To-School Hall of Fame and Benefit Concert in Benin, Nigeria!

There is no better reason to come together and praise the Lord as one family than for an InnerCity Concert! Members of Christ Embassy understand that one child is everyone’s child. The old African proverb that reads “It takes a village to raise a child” is the thought that it takes the help from everyone to ensure and to build a safe and sustainable world, or village, in order for all children to have a safe and sustainable opportunity.

The InnerCity mission works towards this goal every day and helps communities worldwide to be communities that foster young children in a place they can feel safe in. The spotlight is surely on Christ Embassy Benin Zone One right now as they host the Back To School Hall of Fame. Christ Embassy Benin Zone One has made the incredible accomplishment of sponsoring 10,000 indigent children in going back to school for a full year!

When people make the blessed decision to donate and sponsor indigent children’s education, they are inducted as members into the Back To School Hall of Fame. New sponsors were displayed for all to recognize and rejoice over as thousands of indigent children were promised a future through InnerCity Mission.

In honor of this incredible blessing of unwavering support, there will be a benefit concert held today for the celebration of the very 10,000 indigent children that now receive an education from generous and giving members. For young Elsie Olayemi, there was simply no greater way to celebrate her birthday than to organize this charity event in Benin City to honor the newest Hall of Fame members, while most importantly, raising awareness of the indigent children and the ongoing opportunity to sponsor their dreams of becoming educated and participatory members of the Benin City society.

The simple dream of a young girl to gather people together in hopes of raising awareness of those who are less fortunate could change the future of thousands forever. If you would like to participate, you can also ask others to donate in the name of your birthday. Share your heart’s cry with your loved ones and invite them to take part in something that means everything to you.

Visit for all the information you need in order to sponsor an indigent child.  You can also click above if it is your special day and you wish to bless others with all that you have been blessed with!

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