#CommunitySunday Atmosphere for Miracles – Fatima’s Incredible Story

This video depicts a classic case and expression of God’s love. Mixed with the faith and determination of a couple with real problems desiring the intervention of the real God.

Fatima’s story

Her troubles began with a simple headache on the left side of her head. To help, her husband got her some medication. The problem has appear to have been solved, but the pain returned in a couple of days. Then some pimple like rashes began to appear also on the left side of her head. The medication did not work anymore. Fatima was taken to the Hospital, but the situation only worsened. Nothing cleared the pain or the rashes.

The doctors, running out of options, advised her husband to take her to an unorthodox healing center. With little hope, Fatima’s husband took her from place to place, thinking there would be a final solution. He provided all the money that was requested, but unfortunately there was no improvement.

The medication given at this point totally complicated the problem. It burnt her face, on the left side, disfiguring the entire left side of her face. Fatima’s face became swollen with puss and blood. It took over her eye, dysfunctioning her left eye altogether. It was a gory sight. Absolutely heartrending.

To further complicate matters, Fatima began losing sensation in her legs. Paralysis had begun to set in. She could not move properly and had to be aided by other to move from place to place. Once the rash began to spread to Fatima’s right eye, and with no hope left in the world her husband brought her to Christ Embassy for a special Sunday meeting with Pastor Chris.

Pastor Ambrose Isesele Explains:

“This miracle took place during a Super Sunday program, a special meeting with the man of God Pastor Chris. Fatima’s husband had brought her to the meeting. She was in great distress, life was passing her by. She was in a terrible condition. The husband dumped his wife at the alter screaming: “this women is dying! This women is dying!”

Then, with compassion in his heart, just like the master Jesus Christ, Pastor Chris releases the healing power of God to Fatima.

Pastor Chris commands the husband to say the following to his wife:

“You will live and not die”

Her recovery

And then a dramatic twist happens. A complete recovery! She stands on her feet and is jumping up and down. The thousands that were gathered to witness this marvelous word of God were cheering, the crowd was out of control with joy.

This is indeed an amazing miracle, a clear work of God coming from Pastor Chris our man of God. It is no wonder the Healing School is such a success in the church and beyond. The work of God manifests in those that have true faith and understanding in the walks of Jesus. If one understand that giving and healing are Christian values, God will be with them for eternality. Rev. Christ Oyakhilome lives by these values.

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