Answer the Right Name


Names are significant, they are indicators of your spirit and soul. Do not underestimate its importance. Open up the scripture in your Rhapsody of Realities Bible and see what Pastor Chris has to say about the subject. What we call ourselves and what we ask other to call us is an indicator of our choice in Christ.

Names in the Bible

The names of individuals in the Bible don’t always stay the same. If you pay close attention you would notice that God changed the names of people according to the situation they are in. This is not a coincidence. Names are an indicator of their problems. Their problems were in their names.

Take, for example, Jacob. He was born with this name which means deceiver, or trickster. He grew to live up to his name. He was a trickster until he found God, deceiving both his father and brother. But, once he encountered God, his name was changed to Israel, a prince with God (Genesis 32:28).

Why your name is important

Names are significant. Your name is an indicator of your destiny. And thus it is important to answer to the right name. If you come to the understanding that your given name at birth is not a reflection of your relationship with God, you must change it. Your name should be an indicator of your relationship with the Lord. You are not a true Christian if your name reflects the will of Satan or other non-holy forces. Your name is a confession. If you’re not sure what the meaning of your name is, make sure to find and. This will ensure virtue and spiritual growth.

Names indicate nature

The Epistles, as well as the New Testament, place an emphasis on the new creation in Jesus Christ. He gave us names that are consistent with our type of life and nature. God expects us to answer to the names He appoints.

“the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus” (2 Corinthians 5:2)

You’re not trying to become righteous, that’s who you are by nature. You were born that way at the New Birth. Stop trying to be something that you already are. Answer to the name God gave you. When you answer to your real name, you’ll live a good and righteous life.

Make the change

You must declare:

“Father, I thank you for you’ve made me righteous and holy. You’ve made me strong, successful, prosperous, and excellent” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

God declares you as a new creation, a new kind of person. When you are born again, answer to your new name, the one God wanted for you. You’re a new creature without a past! You are whole and complete after the image of Christ.