Another ‘Your LoveWorld Special’ Set to Break the Record of Global Impact

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has already led us through almost 120 episodes and more than 300 hours of his ‘Your LoveWorld Specials,’ teaching us many valuable lessons and enabling us to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Now another 5-day live broadcast of the classic ‘Your LoveWorld Specials with Pastor Chris’ is set to commence today, Monday the 26th of July. This will be phase 6 of Season 3 which will run until Friday the 30th, the end of July, our ‘Month of Joy’.

In this next phase, Pastor Chris seeks to enlighten the global audience on what is happening around the world. “You need to know what is next; you need to know what the Lord is doing,” he emphasized, encouraging all to participate in each episode of this upcoming phase.

Offering Comfort and Hope to all

‘Your LoveWorld Specials’ has become a household program that many across continents anticipate. Pastor Chris has promised that we would grow in the knowledge of God’s Word, showing us the depth of Christianity, what it really means, what the Word has brought to us, what God expects, how to live, and how to win in this world in which we live.

”The only Christian that ever gets defeated is the Christian that is not living in the Word and to live in the Word is to live the Word,” Pastor Chris has been known to say, ”God wants you to take His Word and march on from success to success, from victory to victory. He gives you the grace to accomplish His purpose for your life”

The impact of this program during the last year has remained an oasis of hope, strength, and upliftment for millions of people worldwide, as witnessed by the record-breaking participation. The invaluable teachings of the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during the broadcast has saved many from societal and self-destruct.

“God’s people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge and not the lack of faith,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explained during the second day of phase 3 of season 3 on ’Your LoveWorld Specials,’ quoting Hebrews 11:3, “Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

Right from the inception of ‘Your LoveWorld’ prayer weeks, which started on the 27th of March 2020, after he hosted the  Global Prayer Day against the Coronavirus, our Man of God has taught us that one of the many benefits of prayer is that it strengthens us against unbelief, to do God’s will. Since then, following the unprecedented global success, Pastor Chris demonstrated the importance of praying all together in the name of Jesus Christ.

During the final day of phase 1 of season 3, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preached to the global audience: “This year has been planned especially by God and planned for us. For our success. For our victory. For our testimony. And to the word. We will walk in absolute victory. “

Get ready to be inspired and uplifted as you tune in to any LoveWorld TV station or log on to, and participate throughout the 5-day program.


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