Another Exciting Global Day of Prayer

At the Global Communion Service, which coincided with the conclusion of , the seventh phase of his ‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’, our Man of God announced that there will be another Global Prayer Day on the 26th of June. This promises to be very special and different to the other two prayer days held this year.

The First Global Day of Prayer of 2020

The first Global Day of Prayer was the entry point of the prayer programs on the 27th of March. It was the largest gathering of people praying, and reached over three billion people of the LoveWorld Nation, from all corners of the world. Facing the concerning state of the world, during the coronavirus pandemic,  Pastor Chris Oyakhilome called upon his followers to continue praying and fasting during the month of April. He was joined by Pastor Benny Hinn, the esteemed American televangelist in California. Pastor Chris initiated the week of fasting and praying which was then extended several times due to it’s enormous and unprecedented success. These sessions brought great illumination, understanding of God’s Word and untold blessings to billions of viewers from around the world.

Global prayers with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny

The 3-day Global Prayer program

From Monday, May 11th to Wednesday May 13th, Christians from around the world joined Pastor Chris for a special 3-day Global Prayer and Fasting program, where he made the solemn call for prayers at the phase 5 of the special ‘Your Loveworld’ series. This prayer session was all about making power available, and restraining the power of man to control this world with evil and violence. Pastor Chris explained that “we are praying and fasting to regain our rights which are consistent with the bill of rights and also we are praying against the decrees of darkness to force us to live in a world of the beast before his time.” The man of God called on ministers of the Gospel and the saints of God from all around the world, both old and young alike, to latch on this special prayer and fasting program, ensuring that God’s will concerning the earth materializes. He emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Church to invite God’s supernatural intervention in the earth, stating that “this might be our only chance to make the necessary difference.”

The Next Global Day of Prayer of 2020

Pastor Chris promises that the 26th of June will be something different, it will be about using what we learnt during the month and launching every individual into a new level of life in Christ. LoveWorld and Christ Embassy use the latest technologies to amplify God’s Word and Teachings to billions of Christians in all corners of the world, on every available media format. Let us keep united in our prayers and we shall prevail. The Global Day of Prayer will be on Friday, June 26 from 2:00PM EST, and promises to be a day of power, grace, glory, miracles and change.  Don’t miss out, join us online at:

Month of Prayer

Since June is the “Month of Prayer”, we think it’s the perfect time to pray with Pastor Chris and be blessed by the power of God. All the LoveWorld Believers are grateful to Pastor Chris for illuminating our path with his teachings, and for blessing us with his prayers. He is our light during these dark times, and we are grateful to him for evoking the presence of God in our lives and prayers. Let’s use the hashtag #PrayWithPastorChris because if we join in prayer, we will be stronger than ever.

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