Affirm Today, Enjoy the Benefits of Salvation Forever

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a pastor, faith healer, author, and television host, known by his followers as Pastor Chris. He has inspired millions of people worldwide with his unique telling of God’s Word. As the founder and President of LoveWorld Inc., also known as Christ Embassy, the Man of God is able to reach billions of people worldwide, following the 7 billion mandate from God, through effective soul-winning.

“Be bold to say the same things that God has said concerning you in His Word. That is what takes you beyond salvation, to enjoy the benefits of salvation.”

~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Today’s Affirmation Train

We enjoy daily affirmations with our Man of God, Pastor Chris. Through the power of God’s Word, we can make significant changes.

“I affirm that my life is improved and upgraded by the power of God’s Word. I’m built up, strengthened, and energized by your Word today, as always. I’m complete in Christ, and every facet of my life is perfected for excellence. The Spirit of God has granted me divine insight into the Father’s perfect will in all things.”

“That anointing is working in my body, finances, career, family, and all that concerns me. It sets me apart for greatness, causing me to spread and make progress on every side, to the glory of the Father. Hallelujah!”

“I have an understanding heart; for the eyes of my understanding have been enlightened to know the hope of God’s calling, and the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints. I am constantly mindful of God’s indwelling and abiding presence which has made me a victor and a master over circumstances. Fears, worries, darkness, confusion, and uncertainty have no place in me. I take advantage of God’s presence and bask in the glory and transformation that it brings. I am growing stronger by the day, like a cedar in Lebanon, and flourishing like the palm tree!”

“Everywhere I go, I express the virtues and excellence of the Spirit, as God’s Word finds vent through me. Hallelujah! I am powered by the Spirit of God; therefore, when men are cast down, I am lifted! I am the seed of Abraham; I am imbued with wisdom from above to affect lives positively all over the world. As an heir of prosperity, I live to bless others and lift them out of the thraldom of lack through the power of God’s Spirit that’s at work in me. I walk in super-abundance and experience undeniable success in all that I do.”

“My mind is anointed to bring forth innovations, ideas, inventions, and solutions to bless the world. I am supernaturally enabled to implement God-given ideas to make the world a better place. Glory to God!”

The Word is Alive in Me

“I declare with my mouth I create the glorious future I want to see. Even now, I release words of prosperity, strength, grace, victories, and promotions about my family, job, business, academics, and health. I live in the reality of my heritage in Christ. The light of God is in my spirit, to know, and walk in my inheritance in Christ Jesus. I manifest this light to my world ever so brightly today and always. I walk in the light, as He is in the light. I walk in glory, strength, victory, and righteousness today.”

“The glory of God is risen upon me, for I am the effulgence of God’s presence. God tabernacles in me, I carry His atmosphere of miracles everywhere I go. I am strengthened, energized, and endued with power, ability, and might. I have been catapulted to a life of victory, success, prosperity, hope, and assurance. I live over and above the natural courses of life, the corruption, evil, and decadence prevalent in this world of darkness.”

“The indwelling presence of Christ is in me, in the person of the Holy Spirit. I don’t lack or want for anything: ideas, inspiration, wealth, prosperity, and all the goodness of God are in my spirit, and I bring them forth from the fullness in my spirit. The knowledge of God’s Word has increased in my life. I have increased Grace The world belongs to me! I’m unlimited; all things are mine in Christ.”

“I express the life and character of the Spirit to my world, The Name of Jesus is named upon me, and I live triumphantly, from glory to glory, heaping success upon success, I live above the economy and economics of this world. I’m immune to the hardships, corruption, and decadence that ravage the lives of men. I live in the Word, and therefore, in victory and triumph always, Glory to God.”

Declare these words every day

“I am born of God, I have overcome the world. “I have overcome the world and its hatred. “I have overcome its unbelief, its wickedness, its economies and its economics” “I have overcome its death, its falsehood and falsities” “I have overcome its deceptions” “I have overcome the world” “My faith is the victory that overcomes the world. Hallelujah!”

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