Action-Packed Month Ahead with Pastor Chris

During the 5-day ‘Praise -A-Thon’ with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome which ended on Friday, the 27th of August, the president of LoveWorld Inc. revealed that the coming months will be action-packed and full of inspiration. Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn were joined by seasoned ministers every day live for the duration of the ‘Praise-A-Thon’.

“This program is of continuous praise, thanksgiving to God and acknowledging the power and grace in the Gospel,” Pastor Chris emphasized when he officially announced the program. He has encouraged everyone to participate in festivities of praise.

“Prioritize what God prioritizes. Do what God says and you will have God’s result. Do it the right way and you will have the right results”, Pastor Chris encouraged participants of Your Loveworld Praise-A-Thon, to enjoy life-changing truths.

He continued by saying: “We have to care about the nations. Think about the nations. Don’t be satisfied that everything is right with you. Have this challenge in your mind”.

”The Lord gave the Word: great was the company of those that published it….(Psalm 68:11). Would you rather be amongst the ones publishing the Word the Lord has given?” ”God is winning and satan is losing,” Pastor Chris announced at the just concluded Praise-a-Thon.

Global Prayer and Fasting: 30th Aug – 3rd September

Pastor Chris called for Global Prayer and Fasting from Monday, August 30th to Friday, September 3rd.

Ensure you prepare to be part of this and spread the news everywhere. At the last Global prayer and fasting session, the man of God called on ministers of the Gospel and the saints of God from all around the world, both old and young alike, to latch on to this special prayer and fasting program, to ensure that God’s will concerning the earth materializes. He emphasized that it is the responsibility of the Church to invite God’s supernatural intervention in the earth, stating that “this might be our only chance to make the necessary difference.”

Pastor Chris explained at the last Global Prayer and Fasting, “We are praying and fasting to regain our rights which are consistent with the bill of rights and also we are praying against the decrees of darkness to force us to live in a world of the beast before his time.”

Global Communion Service: 5th September

It is a time to sing new songs unto the Lord in His congregation!” The dearly beloved man of God, Pastor Chris announced at the August 2021 Global Communion Service when he declared August at the ‘Month of Praise’ to the excitement of the millions of viewers.  He explained that in the New Testament, we are to offer sacrifices of praise with the fruit of our lips, giving thanks. What God wants is for us to offer sacrifices of praise this month of August.

“The world is heading into a season of polarisation,” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome declared, “the realignment of the world which belongs to the perpetrators of COVID-19, the polarisation will come into place the same hour with the beast and people won’t even know the beast have come into power.” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shared with billions of people who connected to the August Global Communion Service from all around the world.

The Man of God went on to say that “many leaders of nations have become voiceless today. However, this is the set time of God’s favor for the nations.”

‘Your LoveWorld Specials’ Season 3, Phase 7: 6th September – 10th September

“It’s time to build your faith strong and get more knowledge of God’s Word as it relates to the present happenings in the world”. This was the message that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome preached to his global audience on the first day of phase 6 of season 3 of ‘Your LoveWorld Special’.

“As a child of God, you are expected to view the world from the perspective of God’s Word. You are expected to interpret life from the spirit realm” Pastor Chris Oyakhilome told the participants, encouraging them to “Set your mind primarily on the Word of God and let the Holy Ghost be your Teacher!”

Get set for yet another 5-day extraordinary and life-transforming ride in the Holyghost as we join our Dear Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome at Your Loveworld Specials Season 3 Phase 7, from Monday 6th to Friday 10th September 2021 at 7:00 pm GMT +1, 2:00 pm EST.

Global Day of Prayer: 24th September – 25th September

The next Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn will take place from Friday, September 24th through to Saturday, September 25th. The upcoming Global Day of Prayer will be Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s third one this year. The first one took place in March – exactly one year after his first Global Day of Prayer on the 27th March 2020, when the whole world was in turmoil facing an unknown enemy and gripped with fear.



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