A Time for Giving Thanks

Traditionally this is the time of the year to give thanks, share time and food with our loved ones and enjoy holiday festivities. At a time when family and friends are normally the closest, this year, they will be farther away. With travel restrictions and quarantines in place, we will need to adjust as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. However, Thanksgiving comes in all forms this year, and as the ‘Year of Perfection’ comes to a close, we give a heartfelt thanks to Our Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and the LoveWorld community.

Month of Praise

It is a time for praise, worship, and thanksgiving at the International Pastors’ Conference (IPPC 2020) as Pastor Chris led the Pastors to sing songs of praise and thanksgiving in different languages; glorifying the Name of the Lord and expressing deep and heartfelt gratitude to the Lord for the great victories He wrought through us, and that the Church can congregate again despite the plans of the adversary.

At the opening address of the LoveWorld Awards night, the LoveWorld President, Chris Oyakhilome preached that ” every time you challenge yourself to go beyond yourself, God is there. All the time, break your own record. As you do this, you’re making it possible for the greater part of the Glory of the Kingdom to be manifested in and through you.”

As the Partners were celebrated and recognized for their outstanding contribution to the work of the Ministry in the Year 2020, the Awards Night was also characterized by Extraordinary and Astonishing ministrations from the Loveworld Music and Arts Ministry.

The IPPC 2020 has indeed been a hub of inspiration, blessing, and miracles. Pastor Chris explained that ”Righteousness is the nature of God that defines His character and expresses His ability to be right and to only do right. It’s the expression of the rightness of God. Our God is unlimited in His ability to do right. When you’re born again, you’re given a new nature; you now have the ability to do right.”

It was a time of rejoicing and celebration of the Word as the President, Loveworld Inc. Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome received and welcomed all the delegates to the International Partners Conference 2020. He shared deep and inspiring thoughts from the Word and led the delegates in a special time of prayer, praise, and thanksgiving to the Lord for the victories.

Recounting the impact of the ministry of our Man of God all over the world, and the great victories the Lord has wrought through the Loveworld Nation this year, the esteemed CEO, Pastor Deola Phillips, warmly welcomed the delegates to the International Partners’ Conference and thanked the Partners for their passionate commitment to the advancement of the Gospel in this glorious ‘Year of Perfection’. She also inspired the delegates to be expectant, attentive and rightly positioned to receive all the Spirit of God has in store for us at the IPPC 2020.

Awards were presented by the Healing School, BLW Campus Ministry, The Haven, InnerCity Mission, Loveworld New Media, and Internet Multi Media Departments. A big thank you to our beloved Pastors and Partners for their extraordinary, selfless and undaunted commitment to the advancement of the Gospel in this glorious Year 2020.

Thank you too to our valued partners of the InnerCity Mission for providing meals for indigent children through the feeding programs, for securing their future through the ‘Education in Emergency’ initiative, mentoring them through the ‘Child Mentoring Program’ and sustaining their families through the ‘Family Strengthening Program’. We thank you for your unwavering commitment and partnership and celebrate your tremendous impacts in this ‘Year of Perfection’, 2020.

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