A Good Campus Life-Does Your University Have A Believers LoveWorld Campus Ministry

Achieving success at university has many factors. A good course, great friends and a fantastic social life are key components to laying the foundations for future success. Students are always in need of good guidance on campus and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most successful life guides of our generation.

Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc. Dd is a man who has been sent to minister the Gospel across the world. Through the Believers LoveWorld Campus Ministry the words of the Man of God can be heard. The minds of our future leaders, teachers, and workers can be filled with teachings that edify the mind and strengthen the soul to engage in positive missions daily.

Campus churches

The BLW Churches are thriving churches reaching young peoples of all works of life with the BLW messages. The powerful and joyful services are specially packaged to enrich and reach young people. They are pastored by young leaders who have successfully gone through training of various kinds and intensity during their time in the Campus Ministry.

The BLW Campus Ministry

A group of students participating in BLW Ministry Campus training

There is more to university life than exams. Through the Campus Talent Hunt Initiative, they identify and nurture young budding talents. Not only that that provide them with necessary training and give them platforms to utilize their skills. The BLW Leadership Academy is a leadership development school established by the Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D., for the development of highly motivated global leaders in ministry and the world.

Special conferences

The TIE Conferences are designed to coach young campus leaders about Christ Embassy

BLW Campus conferences

Church and its vision. In understanding the ministry it raises the standards of the future workforce. The TIE Conferences naturally stir up passionate dedication to Jesus Christ. This results in the fulfillment of the vision of Pastor Chris.

They are crusades where participants are infused with a sense of patriotism for their nations and our Lord Jesus Christ. The MCC4C is a colossal evangelical movement across many institutions of the world with teeming crowds of young people around the nations of the world

Special missions’ trips

Crusade for Jesus

Trained teams of missionaries go on missionary expeditions to countries across all continents of the world. Specifically targeting and reaching students in those countries where it is a challenge to do outreach.

The South-East Asia and Middle-East initiative

A special initiative aimed at transforming the lives of young people in the Southeast Asian Sub-region. With well thought out mentoring schemes, free distribution of Christian materials they aim to set up of BLW Campus Fellowships.

There are BLW Campus Fellowships and clubs spread across 103 Countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North America. It is possible to reach millions of young people and positively influence them with teachings from the Gospel. See if your university has a BLW Campus Ministry or start your own chapter today

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