A Busy Weekend Ahead with Pastor Chris

We start the weekend off with three powerful and exciting days of prayer and fasting with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, which are set to begin on Saturday 1st May till Monday 3rd of May. These will be days of making tremendous power available to the nations of the world as we pray and fast. This has proven in the past to be an effective method of making change happen, as we witnessed in the prior days of Global Prayer and Fasting.

Previous phases of this special prayer program have already yielded tremendous results, against the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. People from all over the world have attested to miracles in their personal health conditions, families, the economy of their nations as well as an upward surge in their walk in Christ, all of which are consequent on the earlier editions of the Global Day of Prayer. It is as the man of God, Pastor Chris said, ‘We are ushering in a new world order through our prayers’. We need to unite in the power of prayer to effect change around the world.

Together We Fought the Fight

In one of the previous Global Prayer Days, Pastor Chris delivered a powerful message, saying: “This is war, and the earlier you realize it, the better. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds for the destruction of fortresses. There are fortresses that have been set up in this world, from which Satan launches his attack on the nations and on God’s people. We have a fight to fight. Yes, prophetic words have gone ahead of us, but there’s the prophetic, and there’s the war.

The prophecies showed that the children of Israel would possess the Promised Land, but they had to fight. We’re not just praying and trying to get some things to happen; we are redirecting the course of this world according to what our Father has shown us. He told us what it ought to be, and we are causing it to be. Jesus bought the whole field; He owns the world. We are the seed of Abraham; the world belongs to us. We’re not beggars; we’re not begging to be allowed to worship. We will worship as we choose. Oh Glory Hallelujah”

By the end of last year, the ‘Year of Perfection‘, Pastor Chris had hosted 4 successful, life-changing ‘Global Days of Prayer‘, where he prayed with millions of people worldwide on the LoveWorld Networks. This special prayer marathon changed the destiny of nations all around the world.

The Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said: “We get excited that we are going to pray because we get answers. We are ready to transform the world. God did not ask us to pray for nothing, He asked us to pray because He wants to answer. Through our prayer, we usher in the reign of righteousness, justice, peace, and safety in the nations. We bring healing to the nations and speed up the propagation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world.”

The fifth edition of the powerful Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the first for the ‘Year of Preparation’, took to the airwaves on Friday the 26th March, which marked the one-year anniversary of the first Global Day of Prayer.

The first Global Day of Prayer was the entry point of the prayer programs on the 27th of March last year. It was the largest gathering of people praying and reached over three billion people of the LoveWorld Nation, from all corners of the world. These sessions brought great illumination, understanding of God’s Word, and untold blessings to billions of viewers from around the world.

The Power of Prayer

Through our prayers, we realign the world to conform with God’s master plan and reassign the desolate heritages. The Global Day of Prayer is a special time of healing and miracles. As the Healing Power of God is strongly present to Heal all that are sick and afflicted. Another important time of prayer is the Global Communion Service held on the first Sunday of each month.

This Sunday, the 2nd of May we will wait to hear what the word of the month will be at the Global Communion Service with the Man of God, Pastor Chris. We bid farewell to April, our ‘Month of Truth’, where he told his worldwide audience at the April Global Communion Service: “This month is the Month of Truth, and God is revealing his truth to you like never before. And you are going to walk in truth. It is so important to walk in truth to understand truth. God’s truth protects you. God’s truth delivers you. God’s truth saves you. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Blessed be God,” he said and continued:

“Open your heart to truth this month. To His truth. Not circumstantial truth, no. Not truth from men. His truth for His truth shall be thy shield. It is the Month of Truth, and God’s truth will prevail. God’s truth will triumph, hallelujah. Spread His truth everywhere. Tell His truth to the untold.”

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