24-Hour Global Day of Prayer

We culminate the ‘Month of Prayer’ with the ‘Global Day of Prayer’ which was celebrated recently on the 26th of June for a full 24 hours until the 27th of June. “Today will be even more significant. We will begin, pray now into tomorrow, Saturday. We call it a day of prayer. The first one was to initiate what we wanted to do, and now it is a whole day – 24 hours,” explained our Man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.

Our Kingdom is Not of This World

It’s time to establish the earth, and celebrate the Name of the Lord in the Nations of the World. Jesus is depending on you to win for your city, state, and country. We have angels attending to us, waiting to take action, and as we Pray and make Decrees, they’ll move into our cities, states, and nations and make changes. Pastor Chris started off by saying that today is a special day, it is our Day of Prayer and “The reason why He invited us to pray is because He intended to answer. Jesus taught us how to pray. From the scriptures we learn about prayer. Prayer by the prophets, prayer by the apostles of Jesus. Prayer is not a sign of weakness. Prayer is our faith talking to God.” He used the verse from John 18:36 to demonstrate that our kingdom is not of this world, as the Bible reveals how the world responds and what happens to human beings when the act badly. The scriptures tell us that there are forces behind evil action, which God’s word reveals.

Year of Perfection

The global participants were treated to a documentary on the drastic turn of events that marked the first quarter of the ‘Year of Perfection‘, and changed the world. The corona virus pandemic brought the world to it’s knees with devastating socio-economic consequences. We had the unfolding of truth with God’s word delivered by the Man of God, Pastor Chris himself.

Throughout his ministry and teachings, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome embodies a spirit of giving that he encourages and inspires his followers to emulate. He recently announced a new program; Global Emergency Food Relief for Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel, an initiative to provide aid and relief to pastors around the world who have been negatively affected by Covid-19 pandemic.

When We Pray, God Answers

With beautiful singing and meaningful prayers, the global congregation was enraptured by another Global Day of Prayer. As inspired by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Chris delivered an inspired sermon to the global listeners around the world. The LoveWorld leader emphasized the importance of praying encouraged the participants to “study the words of Jesus and understand the truth.” The Global congregation’s praise to God was exceptional and the expression of thanksgiving to God for His many blessings was glorious.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has encourage the LoveWorld nation to join him in prayer for season 2 Phase 1 of ‘Your LoveWorld with Pastor Chris’ which will begin on Wednesday, July 1st and end on Sunday, July 5th. All of the services will be available for live streaming on all LoveWorld networks. Let’s use the hashtag #PrayWithPastorChris because if we join in prayer, we will be stronger than ever.


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