The 2017 BLW International Day of Service: Celebrating Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – A Role Model Dispensing Love

There is no way to miss the name of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, the president and founder of Believers’ Loveworld Inc. (BLW), when mentioning philanthropy and outstanding contributions to society. He stands out as a true altruistic actor among the many men and women that have had a meaningful impact on millions in Africa and across the world.

For over three decades Pastor Chris has been an outstanding man of God, spreading the word of the Lord and His blessings across different nations and people in the globe. He managed to spread and influence millions through spreading the gospel; changing lives, spreading hope, and uplifting the spirits of so many in this world. No matter the setting or the audience, people respond to his gospel gloriously. He is truly a man worth celebrating!

The BLW International Day of Service is a special event where BLW members all over the world participate in acts of service to their local communities. It’s a celebration of the amazing merits of contributing and helping the needy with compassion, just as Pastor Chris preaches. This is the BLW community’s way of showing their love and gratitude to the Lord and to the Rev., in honor of his birthday.

This year the wonderful event took place this past Saturday (December 2nd, 2017). It was a double festivity, as the BLW celebrated 30 years of work and contribution. The Journey of faith and tremendous impact the Incorporation has had on the world is a true testimony that the path was one blessed by God.

Pastor Chris always says: “Leadership is all about service”, and this event cannot be more exactly true to his message. It is a day in service of the community where groups and individuals embark on special charity projects to reach out to those less fortunate than themselves. Among many other activities it involves soul winning, fund raising, distribution of food supplies, gifts, books, and Christian materials in places such as orphanages, nursing homes, youth detention centers, and prisons. I addition, projects included health, safety and hospital services, school and education activities, child care and safety, as well as many other community services and rehabilitation projects. The BLW Day of Service was definitely a life altering event, impacting both participants and beneficiaries alike. The celebration of the day brought renewed fulfillment and joy that comes with giving and receiving charity.

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